Will Your Dreams Take Off and Fly?

“People don’t choose dreams, dreams choose them. The question I am getting to is do you have the courage to grab the dream that picked you or will you let it get away and slip through?”

In the last few weeks I have spent quite some time talking to friends and other people that I don’t know very well, and I got inspired somehow to try and find in each person their talents, to learn about what inspires/motivates them and their dreams.

Since we have been staying mostly at home, because of the whole pandemic situation, we have much more time for all of the things that we usually don’t have the time for. Some of the people that I have been talking to, are spending their time to become better at something that is meaningful to them like reading, working on aside projects, cooking, working out, creating some kind of art under different forms, etc. And while there are also the others who don’t take advantage of the situation and don’t make most of it, I have been always inspired by the first group of people for whom excuses simply do not exist. 

It is so energizing when you are around those who don’t complain all of the time about their lives, their misfortunes, relationships and work, but instead they focus on what they have at that very same moment in order to achieve what they want in the future. I started this post with a very favorite quote of mine which is taken from a short motivational speech video that I recently re-discover through Pavel Ezekiev who is a founder of Neo Ventures and co-founder of NEVEQ I and II, institutional venture capital funds and has many years of experience in entrepreneurial and principal investing.

In the video there’s this concept that planes are better off when they are in the sky, because if they stay only on the ground, the chances that they will start to rust, malfunction and wear are bigger. In the same spirit, “every person was built to live out the dreams they have inside, so it is perhaps the saddest loss to live a life on the ground without ever taking off.”

Pavel is an adventurer and one of those people who invest in entrepreneurs with a vision – greatly motivated to pursue their dreams and by achieving these dreams, to help society become better in one way or another.  He has a diverse background, from a finance degree from Northeastern University, Boston, to French studies in the Sorbonne and neuroscience at Vrije University in Amsterdam.  His career was in corporate finance, with Microsoft in Redmond and Deutsche Bank in London and Sofia.

His latest blog post about the world that we currently try to understand and somehow predict, inspired me to write a new post myself. It has to do also with my previous post, about embracing uncertainty in 2020 [link]. Pavel talks about how the world is facing now the second biggest change in the face of the C-19 Pandemic, after the first one which was the introduction of the Internet. He also talks about how important the development of new and innovative ideas is for us, so we can not only learn how to adapt to the new normal, but also how to reach a level where we are prepared and immune to the effects and consequences of unexpected events in future. Two of the teams that he has invested in, EnduroSat from Bulgaria, and GemmaCert from Israel, are great examples of how working on and pursuing ideas can lead to big success not only in terms of a profitable business, but also in terms of how the technologies behind these companies will “contribute to the achieving of autonomy and positive change in the world”. 

“Around 2015, I began to believe that people who dare to make deep changes in the way we access and use the Internet will take the concept of autonomy to a completely new level. Subsequently, I decided to invest in those who share this vision. Following this concept, I started with two people whose ideas were very different, yet both brought remarkable progress. One of them had the goal of making space easy to use for human communications needs through small satellites, while the other was aiming to change the way legal medicine is capable to test legal cannabis, to help cure disease and psychological traumas”

Pavel Ezekiev, neoventures.com

I tend to think that in each person there’s something very unique about the way they see the world and the ideas they have, so if more people are encouraged to give voice to those ideas and find the right mentors who can hear, give advice and help, then the world will see a tremendous development, leading to a better lifestyle not only for the people with a lot of money, but also for the ones in need. 

Getting back to what I have written in the beginning of this post, I feel like many of the people today who consciously/unconsciously decide whether or not to follow their passions and dreams, just need strong encouragement. We are all explorers and if we find the right people who can understand our ideas and try their best to help us in the execution, we can go above and beyond.

It doesn’t matter what it is that makes you feel complete and productive, what matters is to find those who can lift you up and help you become more of the person you imagine for yourself, because at the end of the day we all want the same – to feel valuable and complete, and to become the truest and highest version of ourselves. 

“The world will not be the same as before, so adaptability and innovation will be among the most crucial factors that will help us keep our lifestyle and achieve even a better one. Yet, we are also the ones who can change the world with our ideas and co-create the new norm.” 

Pavel Ezekiev, neoventures.net

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